Company Overview

LGP Control RoomLandfill Gas & Power Pty Ltd (LGP) is a private company owned by Energy Developments Pty Ltd.

Since its inception in 1993, Landfill Gas & Power Pty Ltd (LGP) has established itself as a market leader in the development and management of efficient landfill gas-to-energy technologies.
This West Australian company generates huge savings for its clients – and the environment – as it extracts landfill gas and converts it into a safe, clean and reliable renewable energy source, also referred to as environmentally friendly electricity.

The decomposition of biomass on landfills releases a biogas or landfill gas. Landfill gas consists mainly of Methane and Carbon Dioxide, and if released back into the atmosphere, methane contributes to Global Warming and does considerable more damage than Carbon Dioxide alone.

However, via landfill gas-to-energy technologies, methane can be captured from landfill sites and processed to create electricity. As defined under the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 and associated Australian Greenhouse Office and ORER (The Office of Renewable Energy Regulator) published material, landfill gas is a renewable energy fuel source.
Currently, LGP manages the gas emissions from six landfill sites within the Perth metropolitan area and three landfill gas-to-energy power stations, which are located adjacent to these landfill sites, and in total generate approximately 75GWh (75,000,000kWh) per annum.

The electricity produced is sold to private customers, specifically local government councils and small to medium enterprises who consume more than 160,000 kWh per annum, and transported to customers through Western Power’s network in the state’s electricity grid, otherwise known as the South West Interconnected System (SWIS).CompanyOverview1
In addition to its prised status as a pioneering renewable energy producer, in 2007 LGP expanded further to become an electricity retailer, specialising in the supply of electricity to businesses and industries. LGP Retail is the first retailer in the SWIS to receive Quality Assurance Certification.

Their operational support systems, technical expertise, quality control procedures, reliable financial reporting systems and their commitment to innovative renewable energy technologies to meet the challenge of climate change mitigation, have contributed to LGP’s continued success and recognition and its growing list of successful projects both nationally and internationally.