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Landfill gas is damaging to the environment, if emitted in its raw form from landfill sites


Methane from Landfill Gas is one of the main contributing factors to Global Warming and ironically, at the same time, is the source of a clean and sustainable energy technology, which has been developed by Landfill Gas & Power Pty Ltd.

Landfills emit both Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Methane. According to the Methane to Markets Landfill Subcommittee, landfills were the third largest source of methane emissions in 2005. Methane is considered to be 23 times more damaging to the atmosphere than CO2.

LGP has taken the extraction and application of landfill gas as a safe, clean and reliable energy source from concept to reality in Western Australia. LGP owns and operates energy Power Stations in Perth, Western Australia, which are situated at Red Hill, Canning Vale, and Tamala Park and manages the gas emissions from six metropolitan landfill sites located adjacent to these power stations plus a landfill gas flare at the former Kamaunda site.

LGPCleanTechnology1With a growing list of successful projects and recognition for its work, LGP is emerging as a market leader in the development of waste to energy technologies. From its 18 years experience in the waste to energy industry, LGP has developed LGP CleanTechnology.


1. Build Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT)

  • Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT): This involves the design, construction and operation of the power station with a local partner in the host country;
  • We can supply the components for your power station, where ownership is retained by the landfill operator. We design, manufacture and commission and;
  • Undertake construction: Using local labour, we will build the gas extraction wellfield.

2. Consultancy, Capability Assessment and Troubleshooting

  • Design and Project Management services: We will complete the works to commissioning and training of the operational personnel before handing over;
  • Trouble shooting where an existing power station is not operating to expectations: We will inspect and report on changes that are required and;
  • Landfill gas capability assessment service: We are able to calculate whether there will be sufficient gas to operate a commercial landfill gas power station at the landfill.

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