Our Projects

  1. Armadale flare – Western Australia
  2. Mackay Works – Queensland
  3. Earlier Significant Projects

City of Armadale, Western Australia

installing a main gas line at armadale landfill

Installing a main gas line at Armadale landfill

In July 2013, the City of Armadale contracted LGP to install a flare at their Hopkinson Road landfill. The works were completed and operational in June 2014, following approval from the DER for a works approval to complete the works.

installing the armadale flare chimney

Installing the armadale flare chimney

inside the armadale landfill site

Inside the Armadale landfill site

LGP will in the near future be reporting on gas flows to determine whether electricity generation for internal consumption may be possible at the site.

Mackay Regional Council, Queensland

aerial view of mackay landfill site

Aerial view of Mackay landfill site

Mackay Regional Council, Queensland In 2011, LGP was contracted to the MRC to undertake landfill gas management works at a number of their landfills over the coming years.

The first task was to complete gas flow pump testing and report on five of their landfill sites, being the large closed Bayersville site, the active Hogan’s Pocket site and three smaller landfills located at Otterburn, Sarina and Hay Point.

close up view of mackay flare

Close up view of Mackay flare

Subsequent to the report, LGP installed a well-field and flare at their active Hogan’s pocket landfill, with the flare operational from June 2013. In the later part of 2014, the well-field works were extended with the addition of a combination of sacrificial horizontal and vertical wells into their active Cell 2.

mackay site enclosure warning signs

Mackay site enclosure warning signs

The site has the potential for electricity generation in the future and in 2015, LGP will be reporting on gas flows from the combined Cells 1 and 2 well-field. The commercial decision on renewable electricity generation will be based on actual gas flows and predictions going forward, the cost of supplying and operating the generation equipment and the cost of the grid upgrade to enable the exporting of the electricity from the site.

Other Significant Projects

LGP has also completed two Build, Own, Operate and Transfer projects. The first project involved the design, installation and transfer of an extensive landfill gas extraction system, pump housing and computerised flare system.

The works were carried out on behalf of the City of Wanneroo at their Badgerup landfill site, some 18 kilometres North of the Perth CBD, in order to capture and control gas emissions from the site. This project was completed in 1999 and handed over to the City of Wanneroo in 2000.

In 2000, LGP completed a small 100kW Waste-to-Energy pilot project in Indonesia for the Indonesian Government. The design, installation and transfer of the gas extraction system and 100kW generation package, were successfully commissioned then transferred to the Indonesian Government.

The project, the first of its kind in Indonesia, provided a demonstration to the local community, local businesses and the government that commercial projects of this nature are achievable, where modern waste management practices are employed.