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Mindarie Regional Council


Waste Management Authority Letter of support for Landfill Gas & Power Pty Ltd


To Whom It May Concern,

This letter of support is written to indicate the background to and the extent of the successful relationship between the Mindarie Regional Council (MRC) and Landfill Gas & Power Pty Ltd (LGP) in extracting Landfill Gas at the Tamala Park Landfill Site, for the purpose of generating electricity which then passes into the State Grid.

In late 2002, a formal Legal Agreement was entered into between LGP and MRC, for extraction of landfill gas from the Tamala Park Landfill Site. Under the arrangement all infrastructure required for the extraction of gas is provided by LGP. The MRC receives royalties for the electricity and Renewable Energy Certificates generated. The Power Station has been successfully generating electricity since early 2004.

Throughout the period of negotiations and into the construction and now production phase LGP have been a professional, responsible and financially sound company. The work carried out to date has been technically correct in that it has produced the results anticipated and the work has been completed as and when the MRC committed.

Throughout the construction phase and as a continuing course, LGP has been open and responsive to the needs and suggestions of MRC and its member Councils. Co-operation and competence was highlighted during the development of the second landfill stage and along the simultaneous expansion of the Landfill Gas Extraction System.

We continue to find that the working relationship between the MRC and LGP at all levels is one of trust and support. This is particularly evident on-site at the interface between the Landfill Manager and the Power Station Operator. It is with pleasure that the MRC can give LGP full support and congratulations not only in the construction, operation and management of their current installation at Tamala Park but for any future projects that they are pursuing and/or are involved in.


Yours faithfully,

Chief Executive Officer. Constituent Members: Cities of Joondalup, Perth, Stirling and Wanneroo, Towns of Cambridge, Victoria Park and Vincent Waste and Recycling Facility located at "Tamala Park" Marmion Avenue, Mindarie, Western Australia.