Corporate Environmental Policy

Landfill Gas & Power recognises the value of the environment to the community and future generations. We will work towards sustainable development by the responsible production of electricity. Landfill Gas & Power strives for environmental excellence as the cornerstone of sustainability.

Environmental Objectives

Landfill Gas & Power will:

  • assess the environmental and financial implications of all its activities in the recovery of landfill gas and the generation and retail of electricity;
  • encourage a sense of environmental awareness and responsibility amongst our employees and customers;
  • protect the natural and cultural environment in all our operations in a socially responsible manner;
  • embrace the principles of waste minimisation and pollution prevention;
  • continuously improve our environmental performance by setting objectives and targets;
  • assess our achievements and evaluate the effectiveness of our environmental management system;
  • meet all legal obligations and industry agreements and demand the same standards of compliance from our contractors and suppliers as a bare minimum;
  • adopt cost-effective measures to abate greenhouse emissions as part of business decisions;
  • be a leader in the development and application of renewable and alternative energy;
  • communicate with and involve all employees, contractors and interested people on environmental issues in an open, transparent and timely manner.

Environmental Responsibilities

Environmental leadership and adherence to this policy is the responsibility of all employees of Landfill Gas & Power and its contractors. The development and implementation of environmental policy is the responsibility of Executive Management.

Anthony Leahy
Chief Executive Officer