Retail Supply from LGP Retail

ElectrictySupplyFfromLGPRetailIn addition to its prized status as a pioneering renewable energy producer, LGP is also an Electricity Retailer, specialising in the supply of electricity to businesses and industries.

LGP Retail supplies electricity to customers consuming in excess of 160,000 units (160,000 kWh) and connected to Western Australia’s South West Interconnected System (SWIS).

While renewable energy is our core business and we endorse climate change management by means of renewable energy, we recognise that not everyone shares our views. The majority of businesses tend to be cost-focused and seek best value-for-money electricity.

We believe we can best deliver the renewable electricity message by being customer-focused and operating a strong business. Consequently, we also offer traditional electricity supply solutions, differentiating our product on the basis of low cost and best service. In this way, even customers taking ‘black’ electricity will be supplied by a renewable energy company, and they can easily switch to renewable energy in the future.

Retail Electricity Supply Proposals

Are you looking for a quote for electricity supply to your Western Australian business?

LGP Retail can prepare an electricity supply proposal for your business.