Supporting Local Communities

At LGP we are dedicated in assisting and supporting local communities in which we operate, both nationally and internationally. These communities become a part of us, who we are and what we stand for, and our aim is to develop sustainable relationships and an eminent presence within them. Through active participation in community programs, our intention is to make a positive and enduring contribution to these communities, in areas particularly relating to Health and Welfare, and Education and Training.

Our International Community Contribution:

The Dieu Giac Temple Orphanage – Vietnam


Located at 177 Tran Nao St, Binh An, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam, this orphanage shelters and cares for over 120 abandoned, orphaned or street children. They range from several months to 18 years of age and are of different ethnic groups and religious backgrounds. The children of the orphanage are taken care of by a group of Buddhist nuns and volunteers. All the children who reach school age, are sent to local schools like other children and after school hours, the children are helped with their homework and learn handcrafting, such as knitting, embroidering and making wooden toys. Dieu Giac pagoda has 30 resident nuns lead by Abbot Thich Bao Yue. They raise money from a small vegetarian restaurant and also make incense, which is sold to Buddhists. The orphanage relies heavily on donations and the efforts of volunteers.

In August 2010, LGP and its staff raised money to pay for School uniforms, shoes, school fees and books, for the primary and secondary school students. This donation has enabled many children to proudly attend school in uniform, alongside their classmates. This donation has secured their education for the 2010-11 school year.

Our Local Community Contribution (Western Australia)


Redkite – Supporting Children through Cancer

redkite-logoRedkite is a national charity that supports children and young people with cancer and their families through the entire cancer journey. From the moment of diagnosis, throughout treatment and when families return home to their communities, Redkite is available with real and practical support. Redkite’s vital services include emotional, financial and education support and are available to families in all major cities, regional areas and remote locations across Australia. Redkite receives no government funding and relies entirely on the generosity of individuals, organisations and corporate partners. At LGP, we are very happy to be supporting this organisation and assisting families who have been affected by childhood cancer. For more information on Redkite and how you can make a difference, please visit

Assistance Dogs Australia

sp_logo-rFounded in 1996, Assistance Dogs Australia is a national charity which trains Labradors and Golden Retrievers to help people with disabilities, providing them with greater freedom and independence.
As a result of their program these highly trained dogs allow recipients to have greater mobility, gain confidence and allow them to have higher self-esteem. Each Assistance Dog takes two years to train and requires an investment of over $27,000 – however Assistance Dogs are provided to people living with disabilities free of charge throughout Australia. Assistance Dogs Australia provides a free service to people with physical disabilities. Their recipients include those born with developmental disabilities like cerebral palsy and spina bifida, those who acquire debilitating illnesses like multiple sclerosis, and those who have been in tragic accidents and will never walk again. Disability is something that can happen to anyone at any stage of life. To find out more about their work and how you can help please visit

Conservation Volunteers

conservation-volunteersConservation Volunteers Australia was founded in 1982 and has since grown into Australasia’s leading practical conservation organisation with offices across Australia and New Zealand.
Conservation Volunteers welcomes people with a love of the outdoors and an interest in the environment to take part as a volunteer in one of their many conservation projects. Their volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds and no prior skills or experience are required, and volunteer projects are available to suit your availability and particular interests.
Conservation Volunteers projects are managed in conjunction with project partners that may include regional councils, national parks, museums, Landcare groups, conservation departments and other national conservation agencies.
If you would like to know more about Conservation Volunteers and get involved with their work please visit