Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council

November 28, 2013Letter of Support for Landfill Gas & Power Pty LtdEMRC-logo

To Whom It May Concern,

Landfill Gas & Power Pty Ltd have been involved in the extraction of methane gas and the generation of electricity power at the EMRC’s Red Hill Waste Management Facility since 1993.

The term of the agreement under which LGP has been involved has expired but LGP continues to be involved, pending the outcome of negotiations with the EMRC to make a new agreement.

LGP has constructed and operates an electricity power generation plant, fuelled by gas produced from the landfill. The drilling of wells and carrying out of other works for the installation and maintenance of the pipe grid to collect the gas is co-ordinated so that waste disposal operations are not impacted and the power generation undertaken in a manner that does not breach any of the licence conditions under which the EMRC is permitted to operate.

LGP are responsive to the needs of the EMRC and are active participates in the Annual Open Days and site visits undertaken by community groups and schools.

Yours faithfully,


Chief Executive Officer

City of Canning – Engineering & Technical Services

November 18, 2013 Re: Landfill Gas Extraction Contractcanning-logo

Dear Graeme,

I note that the City’s contract with Landfill Gas and Power (LGP) is in the closing phase after some nineteen years in operation. The extraction of landfill gas from the numerous cells of the Canning Vale Landfill and subsequent generation of eletricity has been a mutually beneficial outcome to both organisations.

The shift to flaring of the residual landfill gas in 2014 will signal the final phase of LGP’s obligation under the contract.

I would like to thank LGP and in particular your staff for the professional manner in which they have implemented the terms of the contract. The seamless integration of your undertakings and the City’s obligations under the landfill’s operating licence from the Department of Envitonmental Regulation have been and will continue to be appreciated.

Thank you for you professional approach in delivering this contract.

Yours faithfully,

bg burnett signature


City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder

November 1, 2013Reference for Landfill Gas and Power Pty Ltd

To Whom It May Concern

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder (CKB) engaged the services of Landfill Gas and Power (LGP) in late 2012 to undertake extensive gas flow monitoring works at the City’s landfill site.
This project involved the drilling of sixteen monitoring wells throughout a number of closed landfill cells, and monitoring gas flows over a three week period.

LGP provided a comprehensive report on the outcomes of this project, incorporating their methodology and findings, analysis of data and information about the site, future projections and recommendations on options moving forward.

LGP undertook these works for CKB in an efficient, professional and timely manner, safely completing the works within the required timeframe, and on budget. CKB found LGP to communicate regularly and openly, and were always available to provide assistance and clarification where required.

The City would have no hesitation in recommending Landfill Gas and Power’s services.

Yours sincerely,

rebecca coonaan signature

Acting Manager, Sustainability and Waste Services

Mackay Regionial Council

November 13, 2013Water and Waste Services

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is a reference for Landfill Gas and Power Pty Ltd and I wish to confirm that company has had a contractual relationship with Mackay Regional Council since 2010.

Not only Landfill Gas and Power Pty Ltd have met all requirements of the agreement, they have had to accommodate tand address many unforeseen challenges with our specific projects. Landfill Gas and power Pty Ltd have completed all construction projects for the agreed price and to our satisfaction.

Landfill Gas and Power Pty Ltd also had additional requirements such as economic modelling for our projects, maintenance of the assets, arrange auditing and facilitate the compliance with gas safety obligations. This last matter particularly demonstrates their excellent approach in managing a challenging risk to our business, by leading the process in communicating with both the regulator and us, the client. They went beyond their contractual obligations in terms of ensuring that Council met its gas safety obligations and that the project proceeded in accordance with the legislation.

I can only proase the efforts of Landfill Gas and Power Pty Ltd’s team and in particular Graeme Alford. Graeme’s leadership has shown that no problem is too difficult to find a solution for and his team have worked exceptionally well with our staff and contractors to achieve our aims.

Based on my experience of managing a vast array of contractors for many years, I have to say that having Landfill Gas and Power Pty Ltd has proven to be the right choice as out landfill gas management contractor in terms of delivery, customer service and flexibility. In addition, I would like to say that we look forward to having them working for us for many years to come, as we currently have a fantastic working relationship.

Yours faithfully,

grandcourt signature

Jason Grandcourt
Manager Waste Services

Mindarie Regional Council

November 12, 2013Landfill Gas and Power Pty Ltd – TestimonialMRC-logo

To Whom It May Concern,

On behalf of the Mindarie Regional Council I have pleasure in providing this testimonial for Landfill Gas and Power Pty Ltd (LGP).

LGP have provided ongoing expertise and support that has assisted the Mindarie Regional Council (MRC) in meeting its environmental obligations by removing methane from the Tamala Park landfill site and generating electricity.

LGP have been partnering with the MRC since 2002 when it commenced reticulating Stage one of the landfill, with gas extraction and electricity generation commencing early in 2004.

I am relatively new to the MRC having commenced as the CEO in January 2012. However in that short time I have had many dealings with LGP in both operational issues and the negotiation of a new lease to replace the current lease expiring in June 2014.

LGP are a preferred supplier of the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA). This demonstrates LGP’s commitment to both the waste industry and its own future. Having this status allows the MRC to negotiate directly with LGP without the need to go through a tender process, making it far more efficient to do business with them.

The current negotiations commenced in August/September 2013 and have been conducted professionally and with consideration.

On site, LGP are both responsive and proactive in ensuring that the gas capture is achieved at a high rate and that the well sites are maintained and serviced regularly. They have also been proactive in responding to any incidents which have occurred on site. In addition, LGP have shown a strong commitment to safety and are cooperative with all our requests in this regard.

I am confident that a new lease will be negotiated and that LGP will continue to perform well and meet its contract obligations, this providing the MRC with the confidence that gas emissions from the landfill site are being appropriately managed.

Personally, I can provide my full support to LGP and consider them fully equipped and professional in the management of methane gas on landfill sites and have pleasure in recommending them for future projects and endeavours they might pursue. I will also make myself available if further information is required from any companies considering using LGP
Yours faithfully,

callander signature

Brian Callander
Chief Executive Officer