Values & future Direction


  • To be the most efficient and innovative provider of Renewable Energy.

Our Values

Customer satisfaction and building customer loyalty

  • We are committed to our customers and anticipate, understand and meet their needs, focusing on delivering what they truly value.
  • We strive to be the leading provider in the renewable energy industry through our products and services.

Professional Ethics – Integrity

  • We live integrity by being honest, fair ,confidential, trustworthy and treating others with mutual respect in all that we do.
  • We follow through with our professional commitments and promises and take responsibility for all our actions.

Operational Excellence – Do it once, Do it right

  • Working as a cohesive team, we actively participate in a corporate culture of learning where we consistently create, capture and effectively communicate and transfer knowledge throughout the organisation.
  • We eliminate inefficiency and wastefulness and seek to achieve industry best practice in everything we do.
  • We monitor and measure our performance wherever we can and are committed to continuous improvement and embrace more effective ways of working.

Health & Safety – Work as efficiently & safely as possible

  • We create a safe and stable working environment for all employees by implementing mandatory safety procedures and ensuring that no-one is subject to unnecessary risk.
  • We understand that our people need to maintain a healthy balance between their personal and professional lives.

Environment, Community & Social Responsibility – Preserve the Planet for future generations

  • We have profound respect and compassion for our community and the environment and our actions clearly demonstrate this.
  • We deliver renewable energy to enhance the quality of life for our community and to make a positive contribution to our environment.

Future Direction

  • We believe it is important to remain focused on what we know and do well and to maximise the opportunities presented to us. This means expanding on our core landfill gas to energy activities, expanding into new markets and investigating possible joint ventures into new alternative sustainable energy solutions.