Health & Safety

Health and safety is a core value and one which is of the highest priority at LGP. A safe and healthy working environment for all employees, across all divisions both nationally and internationally, is integral to our business.

We are not only committed to our own personal health and safety but also to the health and safety of the communities in which we live and work, our work colleagues, our clients and our client’s personnel.

At LGP there is a strong focus on hazard and risk identification, control and elimination throughout all stages of our projects, with cases of accidents or mishaps being thoroughly investigated and measures taken to avoid future incidences.

We endeavour in creating and maintaining a work environment free of incidents and injuries, by committing and complying with applicable laws, regulations and industry standards. Our health and safety standards and procedures are continually refined and maintained and new recruits, specifically those within the mechanical, electrical and operations divisions undergo mandatory training in the operation and maintenance of the power stations, well fields and safety systems, so as to ensure that all employees have the necessary tools to work safely.

All of our electrical systems and procedures conform to Western Power’s stringent operational and safety controls. The designs of these systems have been certified by a NPER-3 qualified engineer and approved by Western Power and the Office of Energy. All other necessary approvals and certification have been obtained from the relevant authorities, including the Department of Environmental Protection, the State Planning Commission, Minister for Lands, and the local authorities relevant to each development.

Corporate Policy – Health & Safety

Landfill Gas & Power firmly believes that the health and safety of its employees and contractors is of primary importance in the successful conduct of its business activities. Landfill Gas & Power recognises its legal and moral responsibility to provide a safe working environment, safe systems of work, competent supervision of all employees, and a commitment to conduct its operations in a manner that will not cause people to be hurt, nor place their health at risk.

Health & Safety Objectives

Zero lost time injury frequency rate is a key management objective, which will be pursued with similar vigour to other management objectives. The benefits to be gained from successful health and safety programmes are significant in both human and monetary terms and justify the pursuit of the highest standards of Occupational Health and Safety.

In support of its commitment, Landfill Gas and Power will implement the following policies as the basis for developing an effective safety management programme.

  • Landfill Gas & Power will comply with the relevant Occupational Health and Safety legislation, while recognising that compliance with statutory requirements represents only the minimum acceptable standard.
  • Landfill Gas & Power will continually review its operations to enhance safety and health standards over and above any legal requirements to the extent practicable.

Health & Safety Responsibility

Landfill Gas & Power’s Management is responsible for:

  • preventing injury and illness;
  • providing a safe and healthy working environment;
  • providing information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure the safety of employees and others;
  • keeping operational plant and substances in use in the workplace in a safe condition;
  • selecting contractors to work on the sites who have shown a similar commitment to safe working practices;
  • encouraging and facilitating discussion on safety related topics.

All employees and contractors have a responsibility to work safely and:

  • to follow nominated safe working procedures;
  • to wear personal protective equipment and clothing where necessary;
  • to report all accidents, incidents and near misses immediately;
  • to care for the safety and health of fellow employees and workplace visitors;
  • to contribute to discussion and participate in safety training where required.

Anthony Leahy: Chief Executive Officer